March 25, 2023

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March 25, 2023

Sister Wives Trailer Kody Brown’s Family Undergo dramatic convert into season 17.

Ahead of the season premiere, TLC released footage of Kody’s rant in the most recent caravan.

Sister Wives Trailer Kody Brown's Family Undergo dramatic convert into season 17.

It’s over for Christine and Kody Brown — and now, it’s ultimately time to see how it all unfolded on season 17 of Family women.

The new season’s first caravan shows Christine, 50, packing her life into boxes after deciding to leave her plural marriage.” I have decided to leave. I’m gon na leave Kody,” Christine says in a confessional.

More explanation is move on instagram and Twitter post

While admitting some of the pressure between herself and Kody, Christine explains part of what caused her to leave. She notes that KODY ROBYN BROWN’s more important.

  • He stopped the Libation that I have made to love you.
  • Christine was unresponsive as she glared back at her ex- hubby.
  • Kody stormed off the anterior gallery and walked down frustrated.
  • Family women is listed to return on September 11th at 10 pm ET on TLC.
Sister Wives Trailer Kody Brown's Family Undergo dramatic convert into season 17.
The long- running TLC reality series Sister women is returning for its most shocking season yet, as Kody Brown and his four women — Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn — go through dramatic changes.
Set to premiere on Sunday, September 11, the new season will take an emotional turn as Christine leaves Kody, altering the dynamic of this polygamist family ever. The split was first made public in November 2021, when Christine took to Instagram, notation, “ After further than 25 times together, Kody and I have grown piecemeal, and I have made the delicate decision to leave. ”
“ I agreed to be a family woman, but I agreed to be an equal woman, ” Christine says in the new caravan( watch below). spectators are also shown Christine revealing her decision to leave Kody and the fellow women, which leads to a cornucopia of tough exchanges, dramatic breakdowns, and teary farewells.
The new season will follow Christine as she's determined to move to Utah to be with her aged children. But when Kody tries to stop her, Christine calls him out for favouring one woman and her children over all the others. The pressure should increase as people begin to take sides.

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